Do you need to capture the shape and dimensions of a physical object in a digital format? Do you want to create a 3D model of an existing part or product for design, analysis, or manufacturing purposes? If so, we can help you with our 3D scanning service.

3D scanning is a process that uses a device called a 3D scanner to project a pattern of light or laser lines onto an object and measure the reflected light or laser lines to create a 3D point cloud or a mesh. A point cloud is a set of points that represent the surface of the object, while a mesh is a collection of triangles that connect the points.

We have two types of 3D scanners: structured light and laser. Structured light scanners use a pattern of light to capture the shape of the object, while laser scanners use a beam of laser light to scan the object. Both types of scanners are accurate, fast, and safe.

Our 3D scanners have the following specifications:

  • Type of scanners: Structured light & Metrology Grade Laser
  • Scan accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm & up to 0.020 mm
  • Point resolution: Up to 0.25 mm & up to 0.025 mm

We can scan most any type of object, from small to large, or from simple to complex. We can scan objects in various colors, textures, and materials. We can also scan objects in different environments, such as indoors or outdoors.

We can deliver the scan data in various formats, such as point cloud, mesh, STL, OBJ, PLY, etc. We can also convert the scan data into a CAD model using our Scan to Model service.

If you are interested in our 3D scanning service, please contact us with your project details and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and schedule. We look forward to working with you.