Photogrammetry, Mobile Optical CMM

What can Supplemental Design’s offering of Short-Range Photogrammetry do for your company and what it does and produces? Probably more than many may realize, below is a partial list of Applications for Short-Range Photogrammetry.

  • Quality control of larger objects
  • Verification and recording of fixtures
  • Measurement of models and prototypes
  • Deformation analysis of real, as manufactured products
  • Measuring reference points

What measurement/analysis data can be obtained with Short-Range Photogrammetry?

  • 3D coordinates
  • 3D displacements
  • Deformation
  • Bending, torsion, deflection
  • Rotation angles
  • Relative displacement
  • Environmental simulation
  • Stiffness testing
  • Gap size change
  • Flushness
  • Verification of simulations
  • Relative motion
  • Global strain
  • Load and aging tests

An example of an application for photogrammetry: Wind turbines are transported in individual parts to their setup destination due to their large size. To ensure a smooth setup of the wind turbines, it is recommended to use a photogrammetry measuring system for checking the mounting surfaces and bolt locations at both the manufacturing site and the setup site. By checking the position of the bolt holes in the foundation of the wind turbines at the factory before delivery, necessary corrections can be made immediately if deviations from nominal are detected. After anchoring the foundation at the setup destination, a second photogrammetric measurement at the setup site can check again whether the mounting bolts fit to the hole pattern of the tower segment to be mounted. This way, high additional costs and time-consuming extra work can be avoided when installing the wind turbine. The inspection of over 120 mounting bolts can be accomplished by a single person due to the simple measuring process.

Another application of short-range photogrammetry is measuring staircases in homes and offices. It can provide necessary dimensional data to install stair lifts, and for more complex banister/railing installations for curved staircases.

When Photogrammetry is mentioned, most people think of long-range photogrammetry and what cell phone applications do, which is largely Lidar and isn’t very accurate. Short-Range Photogrammetry, on the other hand, is particularly useful for verifying assembly and weldment fixtures and larger objects which are too large to reasonably 3D Scan and/or don’t require that level of detail or coverage. Another application for short-range photogrammetry is real-world, as-built deformation studies.

If you are interested in utilizing our Short-Range Photogrammetry services, please contact us with your project details and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and schedule. We look forward to working with you.